Lexapro hair loss experiences

Hair loss with lexapro - SteadyHealth Ask. Share. Contribute Depending on how severe the hair loss is, there are things that he or she may be able to do. Hair loss with lexapro. information on hair loss and Lexapro. anyone else who was taking lexapro was having the same experience and i have seen.

Lexapro and Hair Loss – Depression Home None of my clothes fit and I'm borderline obsessive about finding a way to reverse the changes induced in my metabolism but there is NO RESEARCH out there (I've read the literature, it seems that no-one wants to talk about the weht gain side effects of SSRIs except for the people it's affected). Some people taking Lexapro may experience side effects, including the loss of hair. This eMedTV resource explains that you should talk with your healthcare provider.

Prozac and Hair Loss - Depression Home Page I am writing in order to check if other people had such unpleasant experience with lexapro like I did. I have been on lexapro for a couple of months and have experienced excess hair loss. I mean, lexapro is the only one to blame as I haven’t used any other drugs and I have no genetic predisposition for baldness. Does anyone know how long I should give this to make sure it was the Lexapro? That's the same # of months my derm told me it would take to get out of my system. THE ONLY REASON I WAS ON LEXAPRO WAS BECAUSE MY MOM DIED OF CANCER AND I WAS SAD. Hair loss is a rarely reported side effect of Prozac. This part of the eMedTV archives briefly covers Prozac and hair loss, including information on how common hair.

Lexapro and Weht Loss What You Need to Know If hair loss becomes a problem while you are taking Lexapro, talk with your healthcare provider. Lexapro and Weht Loss What You Need to Know. Lexapro tends to take effect more quickly, when compared with other SSRIs. 1; Article Resources. Article resources.

Lexapro hair loss experiences:

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